Thursday, April 21, 2011


Welcome and thank you for coming to the E Image Agency blog. We have recently updated not only our look but our website and location as well. You can now find us at 16410 N St, Suite 104, Scottsdale, Az 85260. Our new phone number is 480-306-4945.

It's a beautiful new location with lots to offer. We now have plenty of different areas to film in, including a full kitchen, so we can take care of your video production or photography needs. If you wish to make a presentation, there is a theater room complete with plenty of movie theater chairs and a huge screen.

Our website has a brand new look and tons of information on who we are, what we do, and everything we can do for you! From website design to video production, we do it all! We can help you design a logo and build it into a brand. These days where the internet is vital to a businesses survival, a website is key. It will be the first thing a customer will look for while deciding whether or not to work with you. Do you really wish to be left in the dust?

After building a website, we will make sure your future customers can find it. Through social marketing, Search Engine Optimization and many more tricks we have up our sleeves, your site will be seen and found easily among the millions of site on the web. You make think that social media is just a fad but it's here to stay. People can stay constantly updated to your current promotions or ads through sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and that will help your sales.

At E Image Agency, our work is deeply rooted in the belief that marketing and design is in everything we see around us and in us. It’s a mix of craft, visualization, science, story- telling and philosophy. We believe in creating work that is current, evocative and highly creative. Our ideas are instinctively rooted within our team and ARE what set us apart from other agencies.

For a full overview of our business check out our newly designed website at!

Here on the E Image blog, we will keep you updated on new projects we are working on, as well as tips and tricks to help you keep up with the marketing trends of today's fast paced world. So make sure you keep checking back!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We now have pages for some of our latest projects: Gear Up Center, an online emergency preparedness and survival store, FLO For Locals Only, deals and discounts for Az locals, Simply Sports, a sports program for kids, and coming soon, Game On. Check them out and tell us what you think.